Meet The Team

CJ Tang – Executive Producer

Allison Chase – Head Writer

Jamie Overwatch – Research Associate

Since childhood, Gaming and music have been two critical constants in our lives, and when you mix the two together, you have a match made in heaven. Fond memories of staying up late with friends and grinding through levels for hours on end are laced with the iconic scores from those legendary games. Think back to your childhood and playing through titles like Donkey Kong, Zelda, or Mario just to name just a handful; Do you remember how your heart raced when you heard the bosses ominous music begin? When the right music is placed just so, it can set the tone for a great session of gameplay!

But Gaming Is For Kids…Right?

Oh friend, you are sadly mistaken if you are one of the people that follows this idea. Children are not the only ones that can sit down and enjoy hours of gameplay. Gaming is a great way to immerse yourself in a completely different world, giving you a break from the mundane in’s and out’s of the day to day, Just make sure that they are not taking precedence over any other priorities in your life. The musical scores in gaming can bring you a sense of calm and peace as you grind through levels or harvesting crafting materials on your favorite MMORPG, the right music can even pump up your adrenaline during war-type games like Call of Duty Battlefield.

Immersion is everything!

I can not express the importance of immersion enough. Get yourself a good set of headphones, they do have some that are not too expensive that are still of decent quality, Crank up the game sounds, and really lose yourself for a little while in the character you are playing. Gaming and music have come such a long way together. There are so many memorable games out there with fantastic soundtracks to enjoy while playing. World of Warcraft, Halo, and Portal are just a small handful that comes to mind that boast fantastic soundtracks.

Next time you have a long day at the office and you feel like you just need some relief from the stress, break out your favorite game, toss on some headphones and lose yourself in another time and place, if only for a little while.