How To Get Your Roller Hockey Court Ready For Game TIME

Who doesn’t love a great game of roller hockey? Here at Wizyuloverz, we sure do! If you’re lucky enough to be the proud owner of a roller hockey court, then congratulations! We’re jealous of how eager your friends must be to come over and play some puck.

As an owner, it’s your duty to make sure that your roller hockey court is in prime shape for game time. There’s a lot that goes into it, from making sure it is clean and free of cracks, to keeping the lines visibly painted, securing the boards, and making sure the nets are in suitable shape for the next game. We’ll discuss the ins and outs of all of this in this article. Why wait? Let’s get to it!

Clean the Court Surface

After every winter, it’s important to give the court surface a bit of attention. The first thing you’ll want to do is give it a good cleaning. This can easily be addressed with hose and a scrub brush, but let’s be honest – that’s going to take you a few hours of good playing time and some serious elbow grease.

Never fear, there’s an easier way. Grab yourself a pressure washer and you can get through the job quickly and effortlessly. You may not even need detergent for this purpose if you’ve kept up on the cleaning on a routine basis. If a quick blast doesn’t get it, you may be using a pressure washer that is too weak. If strength is not the problem, you might want to look into using a bit of detergent, that should help lift off any serious grime.

Treat Any Cracks

With the court surface clean the next thing to do is inspect for cracks that may have come up over the winter. Anything that is a hairline crack is OK for now, but you’ll want to treat anything bigger than that. Not only is it a hazard for players, but cracks left untreated will only grow over time. If you’re proactive about treating them with sealant they’ll usually stay at bay. Any silicone based sealant will do the trick, or a tar based sealant will work as well but it tends to be a bit more messy. Make sure to clean up after sealant application with a scraper so that you can roll over the fixed cracks with relative ease.

Touch Up The Lines

With the court surface cleaned you’ll want to touch up the lines with some spray paint. At a very minimum your going to want a center line, a goal line for each end, and a face-off circle. Hopefully you have lines from previous years and it will be as simple as going back over them to give them a nice and fresh coat of paint. Any suitable outdoor paint should do the trick here. Just make sure to choose colors that will stand out against the court surface color.

Securing the Boards

This one is particularly important if you play contact roller hockey – which is not recommended by the way because it can be extremely dangerous. But nonetheless, it’s fairly common so obviously we need to address it. Make sure to give the boards a thorough inspection. Things could have moved over the winter, especially with high mounds of snow piling up against them. Look for any pieces of the boards that are out of place and make sure that they are fixed. Also make sure to lean on every single piece to make sure it has retained its resilience. If anything seems even the slightest bit weak, make sure to call in a carpenter to restore it’s strength.

Maintain the Nets

Slap shot after slap shot will eventually lead to holes and stretched nets. Since you’re already in full blown maintenance mode, now is the perfect time to take care of them. There are a number of approaches you can take for smaller holes, the easiest being zip-ties and the more “finished” looking option being using strands of twine to tie the holes shut. Inevitably though there will come a day where the net needs to be replaced all together, and unfortunately we can’t provide guidance here. It all comes down to you and your tolerance for haggardness. Whatever the case, make sure that the nets can withstand shots and keep them in the goal. The last thing you want is arguments over whether or not a shot actually went in when it can so easily be avoided.

With these five aspects addressed your roller hockey court should be in tip-top shape for the next season. Call up your friends, strap up your skates, and head out to center ice!

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